Cheap Universities In Egypt For International Students 2018/2019

cheapest universities in Egypt

If you have been dreaming of studying in any of the cheapest universities in Egypt, below is the list of low Tuition Universities in Egypt For International Students

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A lot of international students, who are not too financially buoyant enough, are looking for cheap universities in Egypt 2018 and i have taken my time to do a full compilation of the list cheap universities in Egypt 2018.

Currently, there are 20 public universities and 23 private universities in Egypt. Higher education
in Egypt is put on higher emphasis, thus, making top universities in Egypt more globally
competitive. Low cost of living, rich history and culture, are just some of the reasons why
studying in colleges in Egypt is a good idea.

This article is designed to present our readers the list most affordable universities in Egypt for International students, and we hope that it would serve as an instrument in their selection of Egyptian Universities.


Cheap Universities In Egypt For International Students 2018/2019

  1. Cairo University Giza
  2. The American University In Cairo
  3. Ain Shams University Cairo
  4. Alexandria University Alexandria
  5. British University In Cairo
  6. Mansoura University (Mansoura, Egypt)
  7. Al-zhar University (Cairo)
  8. Assiyut University (Asyut)
  9. Zagazig University (Zagazig)
  10. Tanta University (Tanta)

These are some of the top cheapest university currently in Egypt based on 2018/2019 session.

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