[Official] Cameroon Army Recruitment 2018/2019 Application Form

Cameroon Army Recruitment form

Apply for Cameroon Army Recruitment 2018/2019 Application Form. General requirements for Cameroon Army Recruitment 2018/2019.

Cameroon will from August this year recruit 7000 persons to beef up the army and the gendarmerie. Interested applicants can apply for Cameroon Army Recruitment via their official portal.

Cameroon Army

Cameroon’s military is relatively well funded and professional compared to others in the region. Ground forces have been deployed to the Bakassi Peninsula to safeguard against threats from neighbouring Nigeria. As part of its drive to create a military capable of peacekeeping operations, Cameroon has sent personnel to train in Africa and abroad.

Cameroon’s military faces a lack of modern equipment, compounded by an overall drop in military funding over the last decade. The air force in particular suffers from a low serviceability rate, leaving it with few combat capable aircraft.

How to Apply for Cameroon Army Recruitment 2018/2019

Army units have been trained and equipped to fight in the swampy coastal terrain facing the Bakassi peninsula. In order to guard against overcrowding during the registration, the process has been computerized and after registering online, each candidate is given a code number.
The code number instead of the candidate’s name until the results are published is intended to check bribery and corruption.


Cameroon Army recruitment form is not yet out. We promise to update you when the Recruitment commences.

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