Best Radio Stations In Ghana 2018/2019

best radio stations in Ghana

Listen to latest news and entertainment via the best radio stations in Ghana

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Below is the fully analyzed radio stations in Ghana, their frequency, regional and community radio stations in Ghana

Without wasting much time, find the Best 10 Radio Stations in Ghana 2018.


Best Radio Stations in Ghana and Their Frequencies

Here is the list of the 10 top most radio stations in Ghana and their frequencies

1. Oman FM-107.1

Oman FM broadcasts at 107.1 FM. Based in Accra, Ghana the radio station is one of the most popular radio stations in the country. The station has an online presence and it reaches all the corners of the country. It is owned by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.

2. Pink Radio-96.9

Pink Radio is a modern radio station situation which broadcasts through 96.9 FM, situated in Kasoa, the Central Region of Ghana. It broadcasts in the nearby TWI dialect as well as in English. It is authorized to operate by the National Communication Authority. Its official online page is

3. Kasapa FM-102.5

This is a lifestyle, urban radio station situated in Accra. Its focus is mainly on the delivery of appealing programs that include lifestyle, entertainment, good music live-talks and sports and many more programs. It also broadcasts current news and current affairs for its target audience. Kasapa 102.5 Fm believes in the delivery of accurate, relevant, factual and well researched about content for its audience.

5. Rainbow Radio-87.5

At 87.5 FM you can listen to the best business news, entertainment, African stories and politics from Ghana and across the globe. They broadcast from Accra and communicates in English. Obonu FM-96.5: Obonu FM is a public radio station broadcasting from Tema, in the Greater Accra Region, Accra. It broadcasts through 96.5 FM. It is a subsidiary of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.

5. Atlantis Radio-87.9 FM

This is an Accra-based radio station that broadcasts at 87.9 FM. It has a superb programming that includes entertainment programs, talk shows, sports, music, and news, among other programs.

6. Citi FM-97. 3

This is an English-speaking radio station that broadcasts from Adabraka, the administrative Centre of Ghana. The radio offers a listener-focused content perhaps that is why it is a darling of many. It brings its listeners comprehensive, credible and distinct programs that are listener driven, educative and entertaining.

7. Asempa FM-94.7

Asempa 94.7 FM is an Accra-based radio station that gives its listeners easy access to information as it breaks entertainment and other relevant programs. It is the best place for African people leaving in Ghana and beyond to experience their preferred programs. One can listen to the radio online through its website at www.asempaonline .com.

8. Class FM-91.3MHZ

If you want the best of local and international music, there is no better place you can listen to it than Class FM. Broadcasting from Kanda, Accra, this is one of the best radios in terms of music and breaking news updates.

10. Happy FM-98.9MHZ

Happy FM has proven to be the leading sports radio station in Ghana. It was even awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana as the best sports radio in the country. Its headquarters are based in Accra.

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