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Facebook Is Forcing Android Users To Download Its Messenger App

Facebook has started making some changes in there Android app, some of you might already discovered that Facebook is now removing the messaging service from there android app and now forcing its users to move to Messenger app. There decided to make such change because there want to provide the best messaging experience to its users via the messenger app.

If you haven’t been using Facebook Messenger app on your Android device or you don’t even have any plan of using it yet. That means you should be ready also to stop chatting on the Facebook app, because Facebook recently announced that they are going to eliminate the messaging feature from their Facebook app.

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For those who are using the Facebook web page you will get a warning that states “Your Conservations are Moving to Messenger” and is eventually redirecting users to Google Play store to download Messenger app. However, you can overlook the warning but soon you need to install it”.

If you haven’t been using the Messenger app, I assure you that you would love it and its also fun. They Messenger app also allows users to chat freely, and  use stickers. You can also make the voice call as well as video calls too with the Facebook Messenger app. It also has neat interference and it takes conservation to a new different level. So  for those of you that are yet to move to the Messenger app moving to the Facebook Messenger would be a right choice.

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Hence, if we take a look at the destiny of messenger then it seems to have a totally shiny future as it has some capabilities which might be proving greater than person-friendly to its users. So, Facebook has taken a big flow to power users to download their Messenger app and messenger is likewise one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play Store.

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